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Designing a Villa- Villa Architecture Dubai

Looking for suitable villa architecture Dubai? The theories and concepts of interior designing, in general, can be a challenging task, let alone designing an entire villa! Though the process can be tricky, with the right approaches, you can master it. Nevertheless, it is always better to rely on a professional interior designer because it can get messy pretty quickly, especially if you are a beginner. In this blog, we will highlight several elements to keep in mind while designing a villa.

The Magic Number 7!

Interior designing has seven key components, from designing a particular space to an entire home, these 7 components are to be prioritized. So, what are these 7 components? They include:

  1. Color Scheme
  2. Shape & form
  3. Lighting
  4. Outline
  5. Pattern
  6. Texture & composition
  7. Space

Color Scheme

The color scheme of a home is more than just an artistic decision — it can also impact the whole spirit of a space. You should think about not only your optical inclinations but also the kind of vibe or emotion you’re attempting to develop when selecting a color scheme for your home.

Shape & form

Shape & form revealing the silhouettes of any 3D object. Furniture, sculpture, and even rooms themselves can take on two types of profiles: organic structures, natural and curvy, and geometric structures that emphasize brisk, human-made compositions.


Quality lighting is fundamental to any space, whether its origins are organic, human-made, or a blend of both. When picking lighting for your home, consider determinants like the light’s shade, the light’s intensity, and whether the light should be adjustable.


Outline or perimeter around a form or shape can be vertical, horizontal, or dynamic. Experts state that horizontal lines generate a perception of safety, while vertical lines are vivid and intense. Dynamic lines, which ensure their assortment of rules, invigorates an exciting perception of any space when used strategically.


A pattern is the deliberate duplication of shapes, outlines, or other design elements. Patterns usually dart up on wallpaper or fabrics but can arise anywhere in the home, even in the usage of light or other design elements. While patterns can append life and movement to space, numerous clashing patterns can begin to look disorganized, be discrete when picking your desired patterns.

Texture & Composition

Texture & composition is how an article feels; this can indicate how the article feels to the touch or the sense it provides when merely perceiving the article.

Thoughtful deliberation of texture is particularly significant in the home sections you frequently contact, like flooring.


Space is at the core of practically every design arrangement. There are two fundamental types of space to contemplate: 2D space, which considers a room’s length and width, and 3D space, which comprises a room’s height. It’s necessary to leave adequate negative space to allow for precise navigation and visually separate the room.



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