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Popular Interior Design Styles

Classic, Minimalism, modern, industrial… the list goes on! A notable challenge our clients face is a shortage of understanding or glossary to explain and describe their interior design style. With an abundance of individual design styles, it can be daunting to interpret which style will be the fittest for you. Some also fancy blending elements of diverse styles to produce their perfect look.


Minimalism is a relatively new concept but is one that is currently popular. It uses ideas of modern design and simplifies them more. Color palettes are neutral and pleasant; furnishings are simplistic and unsophisticated, and no excessive accessories or décor. Minimalism focuses on creating a sense of functionality and sustainability.


The modern concept is a design phrase that typically applies to a space with clean, firm lines, a simplistic color palette and the use of materials that can include metal, glass and steel.

Modern design uses a sense of rusticity in every component involved. The modern style of design is usually described as sleek and tries to limit accessories and other elements.


Modern and contemporary are two concepts of design extensively used reciprocally. Contemporary is distinct from modern as it represents design based on now.

The primary contrast dividing modern and contemporary design is that modern is a stern representation of design that originated in the 20th century. Contemporary, on the other hand, is more changeable and can symbolize a sense of currency with less adherence to one distinct style.


Industrial concept, like the name suggests, pulls inspiration from a warehouse or a loft.

This style of design creates a sense of crude rawness in several of its design elements, and it is not unusual to detect unsealed brick, ductwork and other materials.

High ceilings, old wood and metal light fixtures with a little functional furniture. There may be one or two pieces of conceptual art or photography to add a touch of color to a contrarily neutral color scheme stemmed from wood and metals.


Traditional design style allows classic features, luxurious furnishings, and plenty of accessories. It is rooted in European keenness. Traditional houses usually highlight dark, polished wood, vibrant color palettes, and a mixture of textures and curved lines. There are intensity and dimensionality in most traditional designs.


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