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The Next Big Thing in Interior Design

Predicting the next big thing in any trade is forecasting the next huge trend. We tend to center around today’s trends, be it old school or the new school, if it is trendy it is marketable. Interior designing is no exception. From the 70s inspired design elements to stone materials like concrete, we are expecting to see a lot of design comebacks.


A regular in the field of construction, concrete and other stone materials like terrazzo, have been creating waves this year and will stay trendy for the foreseeable future. The visual texture and the vibe they add to a space, and their manifestations in surprising places produce practicality and classy styles concurrently for an on-trend look.


Another prominent material that is going to stay is Metal. Metal is still influential, extending our fascination with an exterior element indoors. Metal can accentuate other pieces, or it can be modified into a sculptural gem. A complex approach to a technical aesthetic is increasing in prevalence and popularity.

Back to the future

Talking about old school, there is a high chance of 70s inspired design, making a considerable comeback, primarily curved and rounded design elements. Prepare yourself to discover these curvy lines in everything, interior decor, art, and even architecture in the new year.

 Smart homes

One trend in interior design that is going to have the most significant influence on our lives and the industry is the smart home technology.

From the electrical devices that can be regulated through an app to automated drapes, lighting & water heater systems – all these devices are frequently sought after by people who tend to prefer luxury living.


Sustainable living is a very trendy subject today. People are more mindful about living a waste-free, and a sustainable life, which urged minimalistic interior design practices to increase in demand.

A pointer to keep in mind is that minimal never implies empty. It just signifies that having the luxuries you require all in place while dodging the extras.


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