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Interior Design Trends To Watch Out For in 2020

Creating spaces with what’s in trend can be tricky. So, for you to keep up with the trends, we will explain various trends that will be embraced this year, from color palettes to furnishings and beyond.

Black & White color palette

Black and White are two colors that are present in the beginning and end of the color spectrum. Two colors are incredibly distinct., but the conflict between light and dark renders beautifully in interior design. Black and White can be incorporated in various ways into your home decor. Interior designers can look forward to incorporating Black and White into different design elements.


Neutral colors will be in once again back in trend this year. Neutrals are classic and serene, and most importantly, they have a calming effect! Neutral colors comprise of whites with cool or warm undertones. We’re essentially looking at hues of gray and beige. Neutral shades would make an exquisite choice for walls, furniture, including sofas and bedding.

Geometric patterns

Geometric patterns are currently on an upward rise in being trendy; geometric patterns are everywhere and anywhere. It’s extremely easy to overdo it, but don’t assume geometric designs to be going away anytime quickly. Use bold and vibrant geometric patterns to make a design statement or stick to more classy or contemporary patterns with furnishings. It’s all about being strategic.

Earthy Tones

Another trend that is continuing to rise in popularity is the use of earthy tones in interior design. The hues and compositions mimic that of wood, metals, etc. observed in nature’s most fundamental components frequently applied in furniture and home accessories production. Earthy tones like forest greens, taupe, and terracotta colors produce a natural appearance that generates a Zen-like atmosphere that can be perfect for meditation and unwinding after a hectic day.


Everyone does not usually prefer velvet, but it’s going to be very trendy this year. It’s the precise combination of luxury and convenience. Now, interior design firms are taking a broad dive into velvet design options, especially for furniture. And our color prospects are more comprehensive than ever. The opportunities for velvet furniture this year are countless.


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